Alright guys – it’s time to talk about the neck, AKA the CERVICAL SPINE!

Let’s start with some quick anatomy:

The cervical spine consists of the first 7 vertebrae, starting from the base of the skull and finishing where the upper back (thoracic spine) begins. The cervical spine curve is one of the three curves in your spine and the importance of this curve is huge as it can cause all sorts of problems that can affect the other necessary curves in the spine, too. Ouch!

The picture shown to the right shows an X-ray of a near normal spine. What you see is a lordotic curve, like a C-shaped curve, when standing upright.

In the next phase of degeneration, you start to see the cervical spine losing its curve – or you may even see a straight or no curve.

A reverse curve is one that you want to avoid. This is when the cervical spine is curved in the opposite way and has completely lost its healthy curve! The vertebrae can also start to change their shape. This can then begin to affect your thoracic spine.

There is also something seen on X-rays known as the S curve. The S curve is when the cervical spine is curved in both ways, usually accompanied with degeneration of the actual vertebrae of the cervical spine and a decrease in the space between the vertebrae. Not pretty!

So what are some things you may see with degeneration of the spine? Well, depending on the severity and phase of degeneration, here are some symptoms that vary from mild to debilitating:

  • Poor posture
  • Stiffness
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Pain/numbness/weakness in the shoulders and arms/hands
  • Pain with movement of the neck
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Muscle tension and tightness

Just keep in mind, it may take years for pain to show (only 10% of your nervous system perceives pain!). So going off solely feeling pain in your neck isn’t the best indicator. Take a look at your spine and assess. It’s important to prevent or delay potential health problems!

Could this be you or someone you know?

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