Retained Neonatal Reflexes

Neonatal reflexes are reflexes that we are born with. They are present in a newborn baby to allow initial functioning of the nervous system. Suck, grasp, crawl, walk - these are all reflexes that are required for development in early months to a year of life.

If these reflexes do not integrate (go away) and remain retained, it can lead to interference to a normal functioning nervous system later in life. Some signs of retention in both children and adults are hypersensitivity, social/learning difficulties, anxiety/withdrawn, poor hand-eye coordination, dexterity in hand writing, sensory processing issues, toe walking and poor posture, trouble sitting still, depressed immune function, and much more.

The RNR technique is used on children and most certainly for adults, as reflexes can be retained and hinder growth at any age.

The RNR technique is gentle and non-invasive, mainly through the use of a finger or hand pressure with deep and synchronised breathing.

retained neonatal reflexes